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C.L. Seifert was - 100 years ago - appointed as Supplier to The Royal Court in Denmark and Sweden.

We tailor all Gala uniforms, which are a necessary part of maintaining the traditions, at The Royal Courts.

We provide headgear - Gala weapons - insignias, to The Royal Courts. It is a great honour and a quality stamp for C.L. Seifert, that we have been selected, as supplier of Gala clothing to the royal family and staff at The Royal Court.
Jens Eriksen - Managing Director
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C.L. Seifert A/S

C.L. Seifert is a part of a larger company group, but is managed and operates as an independent company, on uniforms - headgears and insignias in Europe.

C.L. Seifert is the main producer and supplier of hats, to public and private companies, where uniforms and headgear, are part of the company's image and values.

C.L. Seifert produces Gala uniforms and hats, in own tailor department in Copenhagen, and uniforms and headgear are produced in own factories in Lithuania.
Insignias are produced in cooperation with foreign niche manufacturers, with many years of experience, in this particular industry.

C.L.Seifert produces uniforms, for selected customers, with requirements for quality - durability and workmanship.

C.L.Seifert is known as the experienced, visionary and qualitative best supplier of headgear – uniforms – Gala and insignias in Scandinavia.

C.L.Seifert is a modern company, with values in the company's spirit and history, but focused on the present and future demands, from our costumers.
In 1865, the tailor Carl Ludwig Seifert, came from Sachsen to Copenhagen. The sole asset he brought was his certificate and two working experienced hands.
There should go 9 years before he - with hard work and diligence – had accumulated total 3.000 kroner. The sum was not particularly impressive, but he meant that it was enough to establish his own shop.
Therefore he established C.L.Seifert, on the 25th. Of January 1865, in a modest little shop in Store Regnegade in Copenhagen.
In 1873 his son, Carl Julius Seifert, started in the store, as assistant, and 24 years old he was admitted as partner. In 1891 the founder left the company to his son.

In 1903, C.L.Seifert was appointed as appointed supplier to the Royal Danish Court, an appointment, which in 1911

Company Group description

C.L.Seifert is part of a larger company group, with headquarter in Denmark.
We are spreading over a range of markets and products, and have customers or production facilities in:

• Denmark
• Sweden
• Finland
• Norway
• England
• Germany
• Austria
• Italy
• Lithuania
• Belarus
• China
• Pakistan

followed as appointed supplier to the Royal Swedish Court.

In September 2006, C.L.Seifert established own production.

In 2010 - the old historic premises in Store Regnegade became too small, regarding the expansion and future for C.L.Seifert, and therefore moved the company headquarter, to the beautiful restored address in the Ny Adelgade in Copenhagen.

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